Facebook Sale

1. You can view the new arrivals right on our Facebook page. If you would like to purchase an item, just comment SOLD on the Facebook page or go directly to the website to purchase.

2. If you comment SOLD through the Facebook page, you will receive an invoice to your Email account. The invoice link will bring you directly to our website page for checkout.

3. Please note that the products are now on a first come, first pay basis. the items will be allocated to the first customers to make payment on their items. We have worked to increase the qty's for tonight, so we hope not to have a high sell out rate.

4. If items do sell out in your size before you have a chance to check out, no worries, we have a "Restock" link. So you will able to add your email address and we can notify you when the items are back in stock! It is that easy! So no more Authorizing invoices and waiting!!

5. We monitor inventory levels all day and night and work VERY closely with our designers. So if an item does sellout, we will work hard to restock it within 24 hours!

6. Shipping:   Products will ship usually within 5-7 business days - except for PRE-ORDER items!  These will ship within the stated shipment dates - usually 2-4 weeks.  But please look at the description of the item for the exact timeframe!